Dr. B. Jason Roer

Forensic and Clinical Psychologist.
license# 31883

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There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

– Leonard Cohen

Primary Practice Areas

forensic psychology

Forensic Psychology

As the intersection of psychology and law, forensic psychology is a critical component of the criminal justice system and civil suits. Learn More

clinical psychology

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology integrates science, theory and clinical knowledge with a focus on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, and relieving psychological dysfunction in those presenting without a specific diagnosis. Learn More

I Am Here To Help

Dr. Jason Roer, forensic and clinical psychologist and motivational coach

Dr. Jason Roer is a forensic and clinical psychologist. Most recently, he worked for the CDCR for two years treating patients with an interdisciplinary treatment team. After spending the first half of his adult life as a personal trainer and later in the film industry, Dr. Roer learned a few people close to him suffered from mental illness. Consequently, he decided to return to university to become a psychologist and help those in need.

Graduating magna cum laude from both his master’s program and doctorate, Dr. Roer developed a passion for forensic psychology during his residency. He completed his residency with a neuropsychologist.


“Greatness is a product of time plus effort.”

– Dr. Jason Roer

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