Hello. I’m Jason.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung

Dr. Jason Roer, forensic and clinical psychologist and motivational coach

About Me


Good day to you all. My name is Dr. Jason Roer. You can go ahead and call me Jason. We’re all friends here. I spent the first half of my adult life as a personal trainer and then later on in the film industry as a writer, director, and producer of independent films and commercials. After I learned a few people close to me suffered from mental health disorders, I decided to devote the second half of my life to psychology in an effort to help those in need.


I returned to university to obtain my master’s degree and doctorate, and graduated magna cum laude from both programs. Additionally, I took extra coursework to earn a certificate in alcohol and chemical dependency so I could better serve those people suffering from substance abuse.

Post Doctorate

After graduation, I was fortunate to begin my residency in forensic psychology, a specialized field with which I fell in love and for which I developed a deep passion. I completed my residency in neuropsychology. Most recently, I worked with the CDCR for two years treating patients with an interdisciplinary treatment team. My main areas of practice include forensic psychology and clinical psychology.

Interests and Hobbies

I’m fascinated by neuroscience, philosophy, and, of course, all things related to psychology. I’m an outdoorsman through and through, and my favorite activities include hiking, snowboarding, and gardening. Reading has been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember, which makes sense given my passion for learning. And I’m a sucker for classic cinema.


My Mini Musings

On staying calm:

When you quiet the chatter in your mind, you reveal the truth in your soul.

On where to be:

Life is but trillions of moments, but you can only be in one at a time. Be here.

On society:

It’s about the smile you give a stranger.

To my wife:

If I loved you well, I’ll have experienced a life worth living.

To you, dear reader:

With all my love, I wish for you the happiest life.

Let’s Work Together

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